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i'm lindsey and i'm 20 and i require constant adult supervision

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happy easter

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maybe the best vine ever

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"Wanna smell?"

I just laughed so hard I got a headache



"Wanna smell?"

I just laughed so hard I got a headache

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1. It’s okay to love the rain.

2. You will fall in love again, remember that the heart is a muscle.

3. Don’t hold your breath for 20 years before you scream. You’ll end up with the worst migraine of your life.

4. You never should feel guilty about saying no. You do not owe explanations.

5. Don’t try to make yourself love men for the comfort of the world, it will eventually drain you of your color.

6. Never be ashamed of your laugh.

7. Lots of things are scary in this world. Not everything that is scary will hurt you. When she asks you to trust her, trust her.

8. God lives inside of your skin.

9. Your body isn’t something to be embarrassed of, but to love. Someone else will love it too.

10. Your heart will threaten you, but don’t let it stop you.

11. There will come times when you will skip things you want to try to appear perfect: don’t do it. Smoke a cigarette, get drunk, go skinny dipping, dance when you don’t know how. Cuss. Cry when you feel it stinging your eyes. Perfect is unattainable and unrealistic, you want to be flawed and jagged. You want to be yourself, you want to be all of the rough edges.

12. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Don’t apologize. If you don’t trust them, don’t do it. Don’t apologize.

13. Don’t put off school.

14. You will heal.

15. They won’t accept you when you come out. Love them anyway. Show them what it means to be gentle.

16. You won’t be beneath your mothers fists and your fathers shadow forever.

17. Most importantly, you have to learn how to love yourself before you can love anyone else.

" — 17 things I wish my 15 year old self knew || Scarlette La Vaillante (via scarlettethewriter)

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Physically, yes I can live without you. 
I can eat, breathe, and sleep easily without you.

But if I’m not sharing half of a medium pizza with you, then I don’t want to eat.

And if I can’t feel your body move up and down as you breathe, I see no purpose in breathing.

And if I’m not waking up chest deep wrapped in your arms, then I don’t want to sleep.

" — i’ve never wanted someone this badly (via the-psycho-cutie)

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Open the door!


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I managed to make a fully interactive custom npc husband in Skyrim, but somewhere along the way I messed up so if I give him any items the sound of eating bread plays at full blast, nonstop 

reblog if you want a relationship like this

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I just bought red solo cup string lights tho…

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Teacup pomeranian appreciation post

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